Dr. Jigro Kano

A world-renowned expert on Physical Education in the early 1900’s said in a speech that the ideal physical education system would apply the principal of maximum effect. In order to achieve a system that would be 

  1. Physically and mentally beneficial
  2. Interesting
  3. Useful. 

After comparing some of the sports of the day to his criteria of an ideal physical training system he found them failing to meet one or more of the above criteria.

Most sports tend to develop one set of muscle and neglect others.  While providing physical activity many contract and non contact sports can become injurious to the body.

Dr. Kano noted that in the future, physical training systems would be developed using the maximum effect principal keeping the goal of being physically and mentally beneficial, interesting, and useful in mind.

Using his knowledge of Jujitsu Dr Kano devised a system of physical education he called Judo. It spread around the world.

Today, judo is practiced primarily as a competitive sport or martial art.
Applying the principal of maximum effect.

As a competitive sport the primary goal would be to win.
And as a martial art effective methods of attack and defense would be the goal.
Physical education benefits have become secondary. As a result Judo has lost much of the appeal it once held as a physical education system

After 100 years a second physical training system has been developed utilizing Dr Kano principals.


By the inventor. Robert Spraley

First, Juido is not a form of judo, sport or otherwise. Nor is it a martial art.
Juido consists of two parts.

First and foremost a physical training system devised using Dr Kano’s principals of maximum efficiency and mutual benefit and to meet his criteria for ideal physical training systems.

Second, a system of personal defense based on the principal of maximum effect.
While Dr Kano devised his Kodokan Judo system utilizing his background in Jujitsu.
I have drawn on my 40 plus years in judo to develop Juido™.

What has resulted is a totally unique physical training system that combines aerobic strength, and flexibility along with mental training. Providing a total body workout. And a personal defense system that takes advantage of the physical and mental skills gained from Juido physical training.

While the complete system consists of both physical and personal defense training the vast majority of students are utilizing the physical training aspect. And are claiming a wide diversity of benefits. Such as but not limited to weight loss, increased strength, and improved self-esteem.

Its effectiveness can’t be put into words. As one student said when asked to describe his first experience with Juido. At a loss for words he said, “You simply have to feel it”.

In its development stage a number of Juido workshops and clinics were held across the country with positive feedback it is currently being taught at a number of locations in and around the Dayton Ohio area both as physical education and self-defense programs.

The number of Juido practitioners continues to grow. It is expected to expand rapidly as new instructors gain the ability to start Juido programs of their own.
The need for an effective physical training method that can be effective as well as motivating has never been greater.

Juido with its suitability for practitioners of all ages and physical condition is well suited to meet this need.

Robert Spraley
Head Coach
American Kodokwan Institute and inventer of Juido™


Juido™ / Judo whats the difference?