Modern judo is derived from the Kodokan school of Judo generally acknowledged to have been invented by Dr Jigro Kano in 1882. Kodokan Judo gained the reputation of being a superior form of jujitsu largely replacing the older schools of jujitsu from which much of its structure was drawn.

By the early 1930’s judo had spread far beyond Japan. By many it was considered unequaled as a form of physical culture as well as an effective combative system. Theodore Roosevelt set up a judo training room in the white house.

After the Second World War Kodokan Judo underwent two major changes. The first was shortly after the war when the Kodokan in order to re-open was forced at least publicly to concentrate on physical culture and sport as its focus.

The second event was in 1964 when it became an Olympic sport.
Today judo at least in the U

nited States is primary thought of and trained as a sport.